orange is the new black-season two

“jesus tits! it’s my second day!”

oitnb is the first series that i’ve heard of that people have watched as a couple-for real, unlike other shows that people have watched in groups, or binge watched on their own-i heard many people talk about this one as one that they “couldn’t” watch without their significant other-no matter the nature of their relationship.

considering the level of manipulation and levels of deception and betrayal in the relationships portrayed in the show, this is kind of fucked up, but there are some really beauty-full moments as well.

i am not different, as i watched season one in the context of a relationship. and season two came out just as we had broken up, so i didn’t watch it, and that person said some shit like “it’s not the same without you”, but a few months later, that, along with fucking some busted white chick who wears garments with shoulder holes, went out the window. i started watching in september, but didn’t finish because of the trouble i got into with bandwidth.

perhaps because i am missing oz, i made the hold on this one active and it happened to come to me, just in the nick of time. it seems that one of the lessons that we’re to take away from this show is that familiarity breeds contempt. not just among the inmates (a lot of the moments of power come from the inmates leaving for one reason or another) but also in the relationships around the inmates-the one that springs up between larry and polly, for example-they are brought together because of the loss of their friend/partner, but they kind of deserve each other anyway. it reminds me of a woman who divorced her husband and moved away, but he stayed around and kept hanging with her family, and eventually married her cousin. yikes.

the complexity afforded to the prison staff is kind, as even pornstache was painted in a somewhat sympathetic way, but i think it’s a bit too light to brush them off as just trying to do their best to “take care” of women who are in their care, recent history has reminded us once again that there are many people who are drunk with power and are a large part of the systemic problems in prison.

maybe season three addresses this more? let me know ‘cuz i know i am hella late.

library used: danforth and cox well

made meal of the day: crockpot cornish game hens

i am divine-dir. jeffrey schwarz

“cult status is not enough”

“i am a serious actor like her (meryl streep) but i don’t want the roles that she gets-they’re for ugly people”

i remember the first time i ever saw divine-it was at steven‘s loft in yaletown, with sebastian and a pizza, and our little minds were completely blown.

i am ever great-full for this introduction that has become an insane affinity ever since, and this documentary is the epitome of never giving up your dreams. it’s also a sad example of how hollywood pigeonholes, and the tale of self-medicating with excess (food, shopping, drugs) and trying to fill the largest void that to the naked outsider’s eye is ever overflowing-the still shots alone are worth the price of admission (once again, free-ninety-nine thanks to the lillian smith library). it’s like that thing that women do, when we complain about our weight and miss out on how fabulous we are until we look back on photos of ourselves from years passed-just putting out there that i’m sorry i ever complained about/felt inadequate about my body three years ago, seven years ago, ten years ago-can i have it back now?

but the tragedy of divine’s story is that he died when he was just about to break into television and accomplish his goal of being taken seriously as a male actor. (sigh). let’s take a moment and imagine married with children with divine-i kind of can’t. and there’s some poetic justice there, right?

i raise my stainless steel goblet of orange juice with pomegranate sparkling to divine tonight-may your feet never tire in your eternal cha cha heels. xo.

church-bustin’ loose

“black master of any trade under the sun/talk sharp like a razor blade under the tongue”

“if you don’t know when your number’s up, you might as well live today to the fullest. and why not do it on two wheels-in heels?”

i got up early, trampolined and had breakfast, washed my hair and put on my pretty dress to return to cafe dineen, this time with headphones (which greatly improved my visit). i got an iced americano and scored the corner of the banquette.

i thought that it would be less busy earlier in the day, but no-still on and pippin’-but with better air circulation (not too cold this week, even with a sleeveless dress) and a spot in the sun. i did a few puzzles, wrote a letter, and finished the first bust magazine in my subscription (i read the second one on the way home last time, and there’s a new one waiting for me to handle it in five days)

can i just say that bust has been consistently amazing over the past 15 (or so) years, and celebrate them for a moment because that is no easy feat? i read every issue cover to cover, always learn something, and am sent in a million directions searching for more. how’s that for feminisms?

in this issue (laverne cox cover) had everything from the history of the speculum to the nola caramel curves biker club, junglepussy, asexuality (and the hilarious moment when i read ‘aromatic’ as ‘aromatic’), and another man’s treasure-the greatest little jersey city vintage shop that i meant to check out, forgot about, and stumbled into anyway-yea. the fact that “kama sutra pussy” was a clue on the crossword (answer-YONI) reminded me of the raptors’ game that i was at this year when the women beside us were trying to rally valanciunas into action with this chant: “come on, yoni-let’s go yoni!”, which really, was so perfect. (spoiler alert-he did not step up, he was still catching the ball under the basket, looking confused-sigh). and no-to recap this summer’s free agency moves-we did not try for david west or hibbert (now the lakers have him and lou will and absolutely nobody plays for the pacers anymore), we never had a chance with lamarcus aldridge, ahmir‘s in boston and his jersey is on sale for 50% at the adidas store, i am worried that nobody will be able to do demarre carroll‘s hair-though he’s kind of got a michael bolton blond locks thing going on-awfully thin on the top, homie, and fingers crossed that firing the entire coaching staff means that james johnson‘s gonna get some minutes, because it’s really heartbreaking to have to watch him sit on the bench while greg steisma lights it up (the trauma of being in dc for game four will be with me for a long, long time).

i moved on to walk kensington market, then came home to nap with the cat and watch the internship, which is basically an ad for google the way that chef was an ad for twitter, and now i’m catching up here and watching i am divine-thanks again, lillian smith.

jerseys seen: steve nash, charles barkley, reggie miller, kobe bryant

priceless conversation with thompson (5 yrs old)

i’ve known thompson for most of his life, at least from before he was vocal. i’ve known his little brother from the inside. we haven’t seen each other in a long, long time, and after a mutual double take tonight, this was our conversation:

thompson: “did you retire for a bit?”

me: “like jay-z?”

thompson: “well, i haven’t seen you in a long time”

me: “no, sweetheart. i didn’t retire-what happened was you went to school. that’s why you haven’t seen me.”

thompson’s mom: “you retired”.

arrested development-season four

“if you do something for me…”

so i may have judged this season too harshly when i started it a few years ago, but perhaps it was my viewing company that i was bored with. it actually works quite well, and it’s a good reunion with people that you need to be apart from for a bit to truly appreciate it (after binge-watching the first three seasons, of course).

what i’m really wondering though, is if donald trump has been watching it for campaign ideas-thwarting cinco de mayo by celebrating cinco de quatro and draining all the food and alcohol before the servants can, bribing politicians to build a wall between the united states and mexico (financed and owned by china).

but-sharp dialogue and writing, passive-agressive families, mistaken identities, and going in circles? nobody does it better than arrested development. thanks, lillian smith.

fifty shades of grey-dir. sam taylor-johnson

“it’s my games room” “where you keep your xbox?”

because niko once made an allusion to anastasia being a “strong woman”, and so much more “interesting” than anne frank, and because the movie is always slicker than badly written fan fiction, i got this out of the library. what is it about seattle that makes it the perfect setting for these fantasy tales? it’s interesting that the movie cast the couple as much closer in age than what i understood the book to be. it got me thinking that the fascination with loving vampires is just another iteration of a young woman with an older man-a really, really older man. but this one, with the couple being closer in age and exploring the push-pull dynamic of negotiating a relationship is interesting enough, and pretty enough, but not enough of either to keep it going non-concurrently. the casting of unknown actors (or at least, unknown to me), was a smart move-though i swear that one of the twilights was going to be in it. i was actually hooked early on by the soundtrack, and that was sustained throughout the film. after a little bit of research, it turns out that it actually did quite well, and it’s now on my hold list. and that drake album is finally coming to me, so i guess i’m way late-and it’s all good.

“fuck the paperwork”.

dope-dir. rick famuyiwa

“if neil degrasse tyson was writing about ice cube, it would look like this”

i am so very glad that i caught this one at the carlton (i don’t know why i’m not there every week, as they still do the $5 tuesdays). the fashions, the subject matter, the writing and the humour-i’ll definitely be watching this one again and again. pharrell‘s really been championing the black geek cause as of late, and i can’t say i’m mad at that. at all. also, forrest whittaker returns with the rick famuyiwa connection (our family wedding), though that connection was made by truthy calling me on my way out, but he’s also responsible for brown sugar and the wood-which makes sense now, both in terms of the on-point hip hop analysis and the focus on friendship. and i suppose that zoe kravitz is exactly both her parents. also, adidas is giving up on the nba uniforms to get that movie money? this is the second movie that i’ve seen a single character clad exclusively in adidas (john leguizamo in chef being the other one) recently, and either they’re doing really well or they’re doing really badly and grasping at straws. i say-if they just simplified to all different incarnations of the track suits and shell toes, and forget everything else, they would make a killing. honestly, i don’t know why more people don’t hire me as a consultant.

i had the thought of updating my health card, but turned right around when i saw the lineup at service ontario, so i found out where organic meadow glass bottle milk is sold (sobey’s and not whole foods at all, but they gave me $6 for them anyways-haha), strolled down college street, took out too many dvds at lillian smith (as per usual) and sampled a bernard callebaut donut at jelly. i still think glory hole takes it, though i suppose the next step would be to try the ones in manhattan with all the cushions…

i came home to host my cat’s daddy to breakfast for dinner and continue my lingot rollover in duolingo-i am currently using two second languages (french to english and french to spanish) and will do the skill tree in every other iteration that i can until the vietnamese course is ready. my new goal is that and 10,000 lingots. woot!

“i’m george w. bush, i don’t care what the vote says”