zombieland-dir. ruben fleisher

so, it’s been an unofficial jesse eisenberg fest this week, thanks to the library. this time, the cover winked at me from the stacks at annette. but let’s be real, anything that woody harrelson does gets my attention. it’s another thing that george and i share (along with being the only non-drinker in our crews, reading books, and innerviewing folks). on a related note, at the hobo with a shotgun-centric taping last week, he told the audience that the yet-to-be-aired innerview with harrelson was his favorite all year, thus bumping his previous favorite (and another kindred spirit), temple grandin. “ironically, two of the best interviews i ever did were with guys who were on cheers-ted danson and woody harrelson.” i love that this film plays with the idea of america’s identity contradiction at large-pariah or messiah? whether we’re supposed to find comfort or anxiety in the fact that those left at the end of the world are gun-wielding loners with horrible eating habits and trust issues acting in their own self-interest, i have no idea-but i’m hellaglad that it’s not will smith left post-apocalypse (again).


4 thoughts on “zombieland-dir. ruben fleisher

  1. the clip that brings this all together, as i also did watch the darjeeling limited this morning, and the only clip i could find with the “muthafucking” left in tact is this one, a dood that i’ve met and forgotten like groundhog day back in the nyc chapter:

  2. truly amazing film about the end of the world (and that sandra oh is such a great actress with the one facial expression):

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